At IAR, we provide youth and their families with support through our wraparound-advocacy model. Staff meets with youth and families multiple times a year and at times in crisis when it is most needed by the family, with an emphasis on safety and support.  Individualized service plans balance involuntary service demands with activities driven by the family’s prioritized wants and needs.

We are advocates for our participants. Which is why we believe engagement, and active encouragement balanced with a healthy dose of CCNY resources really gives our youths a boost forward in the right direction. We like to highly engage our youth in order to keep them focused and interested. We focus on attendance by making regular phone calls home to parents, making sure guardians or parents are aware of their child’s enrollment, and the activities they are engaged in.

And finally, our network of pre-med students, volunteers and mentors are some of the brightest students in the city. They gel well with our participants and they know how to combine academic enrichment and leadership, with fun!


We aim to increase pro-social behavior, expose youth to new creative outlets and exciting career opportunities. We expand their self-expression through the development and enhancement of academics and STEM.


Activities with each youth and family vary, but are goal driven and typically include case management, access to MSW’s and crisis intervention services available 24/7.


IAR serves individuals and families across a continuum of needs, but specializes in STEM and changing lives of those who are at highest risk. We focus on serving the most marginalized youth and their families. Many of our youth have not only been impacted by the loss of their parent(s) to incarceration but have also experience foster care system, in out-of-home placements, residential treatment centers, and group homes, etc.

Because we service the most vulnerable youth and families, we have found a need to tailor our approach to better meet the specific needs of these youth and families that often emerge through our work. As a result, we have developed a number of adaptations and specializations in our model based on the needs that we have identified.

As result of most award commitment, IAR contracts with independent monitors to help us ensure that we are living up to our quality standards. These monitors call families to ensure that our staffs are accurately documenting their work. When families are not reached by phone, IAR sends self-addressed stamped letters that assess the same information. Monitors further assess family satisfaction with staff and youth progress.


For more information or to enroll a youth in the program, please contact our main office at 212.650.5894 or email us at