As the Academic Disciplines and Fields of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Continue to be Revolutionary in Impacting How the World Works and with Solving Real World Problems, In Arms Reach Aims to Engage its Class of 2017-18 Scholars and Help Under Resourced Communities, Especially in Areas Impacted by the Justice System, Become More Engaged with STEM via Education and Mentoring.

Since 2002, In Arms Reach (IAR) has been exposing our participants to Bio Med. education. While impacting and changing the lives of an extremely vulnerable group of New York City children, those impacted by the justice system, in 2012 IAR began providing on-site after school exposure, instruction and mentors in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Today, from the cradle to greatness, we teach children and young adults first-hand relationships between science and practical applications through STEM curriculum in; health, medicine, robotics, design, etc. IAR activities help to inspire our scholars and regularly reconfirm their future commitment to 21st century awareness and related skill achievement.

IAR continues to help nurture our scholars from historically under-served communities. At IAR, scholars get to experience state-of-the-art science facilities, classrooms with on-site CUNY resources and professional leadership. We awaken interest and help to foster program participants to learn intensely and to think critically.

Participants are required to successfully maintain a strong attendance record. For further inquiries please contact our office during regular business hours at (212) 650-5894 or email us at:

Workforce Application

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To be considered for In Arms Reach’s 21 Century STEM Workforce program, you must be available 9am-1pm OR 2pm-6pm Friday, Saturday or Sunday for the duration of the program.

While we appreciate your following response, they are not required as part of the application process and are only useful to our interdepartmental data collection.
We give priority to participants who have an incarcerated parent and/or have been impacted by the justice system.