You’re just one click away from giving a child a unique opportunity to enroll in our program, and for many kids, a university chance to be expose to STEM. This will bring enrichment and confidence in STEM fields.

Your important sponsorship can help children nurture and maintain the child-parent relationships. This can reduce feelings of abandonment, anger, guilt, and quell the anxiety children of imprisoned parents are particularly prone to.   For just $100 you can make a lasting difference in your sponsored child’s life — and yours. This is your chance to reach out and do something truly significant.


With your support IAR facilitate visitation trips to prisons taking children to visit their missing parents who are incarcerated. These free trips take place normally on weekends however during summer months visitations trips may occur on weekdays. In addition, IAR encourages children to write letters to their imprisoned parent via our creative writing workshops with input from IAR on-site staff, volunteers, MSW and interns.


Your ongoing sponsorship makes the following possible:

  • Roundtrip tickets a visit with the child’s missing incarcerated parent. $100 level
  • Send a child and their mentor to a Broadway musical, concert or professional sport game. $250 level
  • Sponsor a child’s admission fees into college and college scholarship. $600 restricted level

For more information and to enroll in IAR visitation services, please contact our below listed staff member.

Mr. Shariff
Visitation and Families Relations Manager