Mentoring through Sophie

Two-Prong Mentoring:

Ages 6-19 we match positive role models to youth with a one year minimum mentor-mentee linkage agreement that requires 8 hours a month of interaction. Our mentors, primarily pre-med and CCNY college students assist with educational development, development social skills, facilitate monthly outings and build long lasting relationships that nurture normalizing, positive and successful behaviors. Mentors, Mentees and Families are all supported by In Arms Reach Staff, Case Workers and Social Work Interns to maximize the potential for long lasting healthy relationships many of which last for years.  We have added a second two prong mentoring approach to match mentees with both a pre-med student mentor and a physician mentor.

Every Child Deserves a Chance

Service Learning Projects:

It is common for low income children and children of prisoners to have low self-worth and feelings of alienation and separation from their communities. In Arms Reach facilitates service projects, helping them volunteer in homeless shelters, hospitals, homes for the elderly, animal shelters, community revitalization projects, and even working with younger participants in the our program. Our goal is to increase positive connections to community, increase social awareness, and improve their well-being.

State-of-the-art After School Tutoring


Tutoring Ages 6-14 Tutorial services incorporate state-of-the-art electronic teaching capabilities and smart classrooms. We assist student with academic needs, supporting their class curriculums, preparation for state standardized testing, awakening educational interests, and sparking social growth. In Arms Reach facilitates one-on-one tutoring with college student volunteers and interns from primarily Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education and The City College University of New York. With a on-site MSW social workers and social work interns regularly access student development and progression in their studies and work with school representatives to track academic and behavioral progress of each child. We require them to attend regularly and present their report cards in order to remain in the program.

P.R.E.P High School Pipeline

Progressively Reaching Excellence and Preparedness

College Prep: (Ages 14-19) Youth receive intensive college and life preparation including academic workshops, financial aid assistance, essay writing, college tours, community service, and field trips, along with mentorship from college education role models. Students meet two to three times a week during school year.  They are given the opportunity to visit interesting NYC workplaces, hospitals, laboratories. Addition workshops include interview preparation, job placement, and hands on skill building. We help youth create goal assessments and refer them to local resources and GED programs when appropriate.

Changing Lives through Sophie and STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Youth receive career preparation with a focus on careers in medicine and STEM. Weekly workshops awaken interests in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) giving participant’s academic enrichment and skills for the 21st century workforce. Addition workshops include interview preparation, job placement, and hands on skill building. We utilize an innovative three tier science system consisting of (1.) digital on-line STEM tutoring and curriculum in math and science, (2.) fun hands-on learning STEM workshops with kids dressed in scientist and engineer protective gear, (3.) In-person laboratory access, including age-appropriate kids visiting anatomy labs (4.) pairing participants with CCNY science role models and (5.) connects Scholars with Corporate employees as STEM Ambassadors.


Family Connections

Child and Incarcerated Parent Visitation Program

The majority of children participant’s mothers and fathers are people incarcerated from NYC are housed in prisons up to eight hours away from the city, making visitations very difficult for poor families.  In Arms Reach facilitates free trips to local area jails and prisons, taking children and their families to visit the child mom and dad who are incarcerated.  Social work intern students attend to take pre and post surveys to note and help navigate any child related emotions.  This helps nurture and maintain parent-child relationships and reduce feelings of abandonment, anger, guilt, and quell the anxiety children of imprisoned parents are particularly prone.

Support Services

Social Work

In Arms Reach case manager with the help of social work students secured through the CUNY system and Columbia University (which often pay graduate students through work-study programs).  When funding permits to do so, MSW support is access to help the child navigate various issues and problems that our participants face in their lives that may complicate achievement. This offers youth the opportunity to reach out to a professional during critical times and prevent problems from escalating while offering expertise, making referrals and directing resources. IAR has also always made an effort to provide emergency crisis assistance in the way of emergency food, emergency clothing, and educational supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pencils, etc.).