Board of Directors

Led by a influential group of leaders, In Arms Reach’s Board of Directors collectively drives our ambitious agenda and guides the agency to not only continue, but expand its critical work.

Over the years, under Mr. Stevens leadership IAR have taken tremendous strides and is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, plus a unique Board of Advisers, representing a broad array of professionals. From physicians, to scientist, music executives and just wonderful caring individuals with various skills and expertise, collectively working together to save, inspire and change lives. They help set organization policies and ultimately assure fiscal and program accountability to our community, clients and potential donors. The Board of Directors meets a minimum of twice annually, however with on-going year-long communication via conferences and emails.

IAR’s CEO reports to a diverse and independent Board of Directors who contribute a wealth of experience and expertise. They chair Committees such as our Executive Board Committee, Development and Finance team. Board Members represent IAR’s service areas and abroad.

Under leadership of our amazing and inspirational quadriplegic founder, none other than Terrence Stevens, we are proud to introduce our wonderful and passionate board of directors.

Dani McBeth

Christopher Wanyonyi
Vice Chairman

Carl Mazza

Serafin Piñol-Roma

Elliot H. Levine

Dale J. Lange

Margaret Ambrosino

Jeff Josma

David Levine

Gary Carpenter

Terrence Stevens

Through overcoming insurmountable odds, challenges and darkness, there come light.