In Arms Reach, Inc. (“IAR”) is proudly approaching its 15th year of service in New York City. IAR’s mission to serve children impacted by incarceration was initially supported by a hand full of amazing people deeply inspired by my story, my passion and physical condition. While being virtually paralyzed from the neck down by muscular dystrophy I knew it was only by developing my thoughtful concern about this under served population that anything would be done.

Individual acts of courage can inspire others to action. And that is exactly what brought IAR to life. IAR was able to open up doors after receiving some funding from concerned individuals hearing my story. This included, Nina Rosenblum, who’s film Unintended Consequences about me and other NY disappeared victims made enough noise about a injustice that changed IAR’s path forever. It was soon after that we won the prestigious Echoing Green seed fellowship (class of 2001).

At that time, 2001, IAR was the first and only agency of its kind in NYC providing services exclusively to children of incarcerated parents. We have made a lot of waves since then and I am truly grateful for all the support that allowed us to make it through those formative years. We at IAR understand the importance of community support and it cannot be overstated.

The transition into an official 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization has had its many challenges, but through these challenges IAR was able to better recognize programs we were focusing on to better serve children and youth IAR is committed to. I truly appreciate all the support we received from supporters such as you.

That day 15 years ago I was excited and inspired to change the world. And guess what, today … I still am. We have learned so much together over the last decade and we have been re-inspired again and again. IAR playing close attention to the economic trends and needs of our growing population have recently entered into a ground breaking collaboration placing focus on preparing our children for the 21st century workforce. I will once again be rolling my selves up focusing on youth development, with an emphasis on hands-on learning activities about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) preparing children the best we possibly can for tomorrow’s technology opportunities.

I continue to feel obligated and compelled to provide children, who have somehow been impacted by the criminal justice system, with various levels of advocacy and support services. From day one, my goal have always been to develop a unique program model that empowers children by providing them positive role models and academic assistance, for a better tomorrow. My aim is to identify and address education and economics at the root causes of crime. I want to eradicate low self-esteem, drug use and break any possible cycle of incarceration and dispear.

Moving forward, as we continue our profound mission, information about all of our exciting programs are available right here, right now on our website. So please take a moment to enjoy and explore our site and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

IAR welcomes your support through donations, volunteering or simply spreading the word about all of our successful programs.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours in mobility,
T. Stevens, Quadriplegic Founder
President and CEO