Dear Supporters!

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for your support of In Arms Reach, INC. over the years. IAR was founded as New York City’s first organization dedicated to providing services exclusively to children of incarcerated parents, primarily in Harlem.

Over the years, we have served more than 2,000 individuals, including program youth, their siblings, guardians, and other family members. Services delivered include close to 65,000 hours of tutoring, thousands of after-school mentoring sessions, intensive college prep curriculum, educational, social projects and activities, and dozens of free visitation trips to upstate prisons.



80 percent of IAR participants have been promoted to the next grade level. 76 percent had increased communication with their incarcerated parents. 70 percent of who remained in the program had zero involvement with law enforcement. And 100 percent of IAR participants reported increased communication with their incarcerated parents.

A tremendous credit, goes to over 45 minority Sophie Davis/ CUNY School of Medicine students who tutored and mentored our youth and are now actual M.D.’s, practicing medicine across the country.


However, there are no us without you. Whether through your attendance at one of our laboratory exhibition, tutoring, mentoring or the donation of your service, funds or influence, simply your involvement with IAR has helped us build a cornerstone agency serving individuals throughout NYC and providing prime examples of impacting lives to the world.

IAR is an amazing source of stability and advocacy in the otherwise chaotic lives of children and families affected by incarceration.


This year IAR have launched the Changing Lives through STEM Program. This bold step forward is the first targeting, inspiring and molding the lives of children impacted by parental incarceration directly into a world of science and technology resources.  IAR seeks to engage children into STEM, increase medical services in historically under-served communities and increase the availability of engineers and primary care providers while saving lives.

We are based in the middle of Harlem and Washington Heights. At IAR, participants use resources from computers to lawns, gyms to labs, and otherwise soak in the collegiate setting, “normalize” education beyond high school, and spark the imagination and conversations about the future.


I urge you to browse our web site, read through our materials and view our videos to learn more about our programs and services. Please support us to help continue this important work.

We need your support now more than ever in this pivotal time, not only for IAR but in American history. Therefore, now more than ever any amount helps, and spreading the word to helpful friends and family is just as valuable. Thanking you in advance.

We simply couldn’t exist without your support.

Healing Children, Families and Communities,

T. Stevens, Quadriplegic Founder,
President and CEO