Our Commitment to Integrity Compliance

IAR provides community based services with potential funding derived from State and Federal governmental entities. As a result of the source of our funding and as a commitment to those we serve, we adhere to comprehensive Integrity and Compliance of all funding agreements. Our Compliance applies to, and is mandatory for, officers, directors, employees, consultants, vendors, and any person or entity representing In Arms Reach, Inc. programs. Within this section of the website, you will find our compliance commitment that provides guidance for strictly adhering to any of our Compliance requirements.

Our Commitment to Performance and Quality Improvement

At IAR, we take pride in our approach to working with youth and families. At the same time, we recognize the importance of ensuring model fidelity while also continuing to adapt and improve our model based on the changing needs of our youth, families and referring authorities and what we learn through working with them. IAR serves a number of functions designed to position us to learn from and improve our services in a timely, ongoing manner.

Outcome Measurement:

Every youth and family we work with is unique, but they all come to IAR with high risk and need in key life areas, such as access to the workforce and education among others. Nearly 14 years of success stories tell us that our youth achieve good outcomes in these areas, yet we recognize that stories are not enough. Measuring outcomes provides us with the opportunity to verify what we know with actual data; it further helps us to identify programs that might need additional coaching and support in our model to improve their outcomes. IAR has utilized surveys to measure change in youth living, educational and vocational situations.

In 2012, we decided to increase our efforts in the program to further awaken interest in STEM. A recent analysis of science in California found that elementary students typically receive about 2.6 hours of science instruction each week, with 40% of teachers reporting that they provided 60 minutes or less of science instruction each week. Given that few elementary and middle school teachers have a background in STEM and receive little professional development on how to teach science, the flexibility and ability of IAR to place graduate STEM student in the afterschool setting means an appealing option to improve access to STEM courses for our middle and high school participants.

In Arms Reach mission of addressing an intergenerational cycle of incarceration is directly linked to intergenerational transmissions of education, wealth and opportunity. IAR has over the last decade moved more towards confronting directly the school to prison pipeline by working specifically on providing skills that will prepare our program participants for the highly competitive and increasingly technical workplace of the 21st century.  Even those of our clients that will not choose to pursue a career in science will be better served by attaining the technical STEM skills required more by colleges and employers. Most importantly they will be more strategically positioned to embrace lifelong learning.

For more information on the program and its services, please contact our main office at 212.650.5894 or email us at info@inarmsreach.net