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The backbone of In Arms Reach, Inc. is our evidence based one-on-one mentoring program. We match our participants through an interest and classification survey and assessment for both mentors and mentees, upon which a targeted matching is made. We provide qualified screened and trained mentors, many of whom are highly gifted STEM students that lead by example.


Mentors meet with mentees a minimum of eight hours a month during which a project and social based curriculum is implemented. Mentors are role models first but also assist students with homework and address daily lifestyle and career topics.

At IAR, topics are developed which fuse the New York Department of Education curriculum and core mentoring goals structured by Mentoring USA including social growth, financial health, motivation, and artistic expression.


Mentees range from age 6-18. Active projects include mentor and mentee, learning projects, creative expression projects, STEM and social celebrations. The volunteers and youth typically get together for planned activities and outings intended to stimulate, educate, and motivate participants, including our special population for youth of incarcerated parents.

The concept is that the more time youth spend involved in new and positive experiences, the more chances they will have in becoming successful, being role models themselves and living productive lives.


IAR mentors and youth spend time doing fun things together, such as, going to the movies, ball games, parks, museums, concerts; playing sports, shooting pool, playing chess, going bowling, riding bikes; meeting for lunch and talking about school, jobs, careers and their future.


Our mentoring program is designed to help youth that want to help themselves, before it is too late – while they are young and still have a decent chance of getting their lives together and on track.

We prevent our teens from potentially having any involvement with law enforcement. We stand ready, willing and able to assist them to achieve their career goals and live normal, productive, healthy and happy lives.

At IAR, participants need the friendship and guidance of our staff, our wonderful faculty supporters, volunteers and even someone like you — all working together to help change lives.


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