Become A Mentor

The volunteers and youth typically meet twice a month and also get together for planned activities & outings intended to stimulate, educate, & motivate participants, including our special population for children of incarcerated parents.

At IAR, the concept is that the more time youth spend involved in new and positive experiences, the more chances they will have in becoming role models and living productive lives.

The Volunteer and youth usually spend time doing things together, such as, going to the movies, ball games, parks, museums, concerts; playing sports, shooting pool, going bowling, riding bikes; meeting for lunch and talking about school, jobs, careers and their future.

IAR mentoring program helps youth that want to help themselves, before it is too late – before they get involved with drugs, gangs, or commit more serious crimes.

We aim to provide positive role models to prevent children, teens and adults of incarcerated parents from potentially ending up in prison.