During these challenging and uncertain times, IAR has mobilized for rapid response against COVID-19 and its devastating impact. Our board, staff, volunteers, and mentors are working to expand and extend programs and services remotely, including door to door residential trips via telephone communication with families and crisis intervention efforts to check on those who need it most. IAR President/CEO have been inspired by working consistently to address the pandemic’s effects while continuing to tackle structural challenges during this crisis.

In accordance with the CDC, Department of Education and NYS Governor’s recommendation, IAR is suspending the in-person After-School Program and the Prison Visitation Trips to practice social-distancing and prevent the spread of Covid-19.



During the Covid-19 crisis, IAR developed tele-Learning videos for our students, a six-minute screencast for parents and caregivers demonstrating how to navigate the website, and we’ve laid a basic foundation for our new digital strategy. This new strategy considers the potential shape of a digital platform based on our audience and their needs, addresses curriculum and the learning experience—including facilitators, content creators, and content maintainers if additional funding permits, explores what is needed to effectively monitor high-needs student progress, and the outcomes we expect to see once the strategy is underway.

The curriculum portion of our digital learning strategy places immediate emphasis on students’ strengthening their basic literacy and math skills, with writing development as a central focus. Ensuring students have a strong command of writing is a priority. Our aim is to allow our students to become better storytellers, more expressively capture their experiences and struggles, and to ultimately become more effective communicators—an important component in being college and career ready.

To support this work, IAR is focusing its efforts on:

distributed care packages supplies and academic packets to participants. Weekly check-in calls with the youth in our After School Program Conducted surveys in efforts to identify and rectify academic challenges to the kids in need. Development of a new digital learning strategy and management system to expand and strengthen our ability to teach participants in our After School Program Raising funds for COVID-19 to support programs and services.

We are Healing Children Families and Communities, and here are some ways that you can help us:

Please consider making a generous donation of $200 to help cover the costs of necessities like:

Groceries Rent Medical Supplies Cleaning Supplies Loose-leaf Paper Pencils & Pens Arts & Crafts Supplies (ex. crayons, construction paper, glue, clay) Positive Energy.



IAR mission is to engage under-resourced communities, marginalized youth and those impacted by the justice system by helping to improve educational opportunities and advancement, promote social and emotional learning, strengthen family and community ties, and to break the cycle of inter-generational incarceration.


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