The majority of people incarcerated from NYC are housed in prisons far away from the city, making visitations very difficult, if not impossible, for urban NYC families.

IAR and it’s MSW dept. facilitates free therapeutic discussions with the children and their legal guardians before and after each visitation.

Over 60% of state and 80% of federal inmates are more than 100 miles from home.

Specific features include:

Weekend Visitation

IAR conducts scheduled visitation trips that allow children accompanied by their caregiver to relieve monetary stress by traveling free of charge to and from predesignated facilities to visit with their incarcerated parent.


Letter Writing

Children write letters to their imprisoned parent. We help the children keep in contact through creative writing, something we encourage all youth enrolled in our programs to do.

Family Connections focuses on working with caregivers to eliminate barriers that may exist in the lines of communication between children and their imprisoned parents.


Re-uniting Families

In Arms Reach transportation provides critical connections between children and their incarcerated parents. The goals of our family connection program is to help build, nurture, and maintain the relationship children have with their incarcerated parents.

We further aim to reduce the feelings of abandonment, anger, guilt, and anxiety to which children of incarcerated parents are particularly prone.

We have provided this service to hundreds of children (and other members of their families) over the years. IAR helped more than 75 percent of the youth in our programs to stay in contact with their incarcerated parents and we provide workshops to assist families in understanding the regulations and protocols of jails and prisons.


For more information and to sponsor a child for a visitation ride to see his/her incarcerated parents, please contact our Families Relations Manager, Mr. Shariff, Tel: 212.650.5894, Email: