Support To Caregivers

Prior to the start of the care givers program IAR conduct a Open House during which the guardian will have an opportunity to meet staff, sign a contractual agreement regarding student expectations and attendance, gain understanding of their rights and program expectations, and receive a detailed schedule of program activities and events.


Parents/ guardians receive reports on their child relating to IAR tracking systems. Within this system they also have access to IAR’s social resources and educational workshops.

Children and youth impacted are highly encouraged to participate in one of several community service projects such as volunteering with the homeless, medically ill, geriatric facility, animal shelter, or community revitalization projects.

Caretakers are also welcome to lead by example with IAR’s mission to increase positive connection to communities as well as social awareness.

Parents and caretakers are encouraged to support IAR creation of a family- friendly environment, full awareness of pragmatic activities, and the ability to contribute to overall youth development.



For more information on any of our programs, please contact our main office at 212.650.5894. You can email us at