Since 2002, IAR has been targeting and exposing low income children and youth to bio­‐medical education. In 2003, IAR began providing on-­site mentor-ship in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) while empowering the lives of an extremely vulnerable population of inner-city kids.

At IAR, we champion that every child deserve a fighting chance with a promising career in STEM.

IAR in the last ten years has not only been battling the effects of poverty, mass parental incarceration on children and families but also the achievement gap in STEM left by budget cuts, failing schools, and education policies.  Through our unique University-based partnership and STEM resources, beginning at a young tender age, we help participants get lab exposure and the skill and knowledge they need to awaken interest.


Our aim is to not only foster children into STEM fields, but also to increase and jump-start careers in historically under-served communities thus improving their chances to compete for careers or jobs in a 21st century knowledge-based economy. We know that even if the youth that we serve don’t pursue careers in science and medicine they will still be better prepared academically for the future economy by being well versed in STEM skills.

Programs are lead by our senior staff, utilizing best practices, STEM consultants, board members, volunteers and a team of professional faculty in a wide variety of STEM related career fields.

We teach children the first-hand relationships between basic science and practical real world applications through STEM curriculum in; health, medicine, sports, technology, finance, aerospace, robotics, design, etc. IAR activities are meant to inspire children and regularly reconfirm their commitment and excitement to STEM related skill and achievement. IAR goal is to shape and mold disconnected youth, primarily children of incarcerated parents with an array of high quality resources early-on throughout both elementary and high school grade levels.  IAR staff and volunteers take great pride in the work that they do and our classroom workshops on a average day, turns magical.


IAR is a distinguished after-school program making history all year round by exposing under-served children to pioneering research and curriculum in the fields that are critical to our nation’s future.  Through IAR, we are teaching and working with outstanding STEM graduate students while exposing children to laboratories and classrooms equipped with cutting-edge resources of applied and basic science.

Seventy-four percent of teen girls are interested in STEM subjects and fields of study; eighty-one percent of teen girls see themselves as “smart enough to have a career in STEM,” yet only thirteen percent consider it their number-one career option.

Our world-renowned partners and collaborators have been noted in countless publications as some of the best in the country and we take great pride in IAR doing this ground-breaking work.  We aim to address the science achievement gap by providing fun programmatic resources to help change attitudes of children toward science-related careers, ultimately helping to re-shape the 21st century.


We increase engagement, interest and self-confidence fostering NYC children in STEM subjects. At IAR, we aim to position participants to learn intensely and to think critically in science.


Both the concept and practice of IAR’s unique hands-on exposure to Science and Engineering reinforces our mission as a unique organization from which great futures can be attained by youth with the grit and a passion to learn.

At IAR, children including youth of incarcerated parents and those participants that are low-income or impacted by the justice system get to experience state-of-the-art science facilities, classrooms, computer labs, wet and dry labs equipped with light microscopes and audio visual equipment.

Chemical reagents are available for microbiological culturing, identification microscopic analysis, and instruction in pathology with on-site professional leadership.

IAR’s ultimate goal is to scale-up the program to bring high-quality, informal science. We promote educational opportunities, so that youth will be exposed to learning through our CUNY systemic blend of expert science, faculty, role-model volunteers and STEM mentors.  IAR participants have an unprecedented opportunity to work in labs with hands on experience and professional leadership.


IAR is well positioned in producing scientists, health care physicians and engineers.  Although children are shying away from these careers, due to lack of access, many of them at IAR is inspired and express continued interest in it as well.  We are honored to do this work and will continue to build on it.

IAR will continue to build on Science initiatives to offer STEM-related badges for children of incarcerated parents, such as doctors, engineers, website designer, inventor, and home scientist.

Whether you are a student, or an educator or a community member we welcome you to enter into IAR’s operation to see firsthand what uniquely distinguishes our after-school program from others and our premier leadership ability to Change Lives.

For general STEM inquiries, please contact the outreach dept. at our office during regular business hours at (212) 650-5894 or email: