After School Program

Since inception in 2002, IAR has been dedicated to providing tutoring, mentoring, and STEM learning opportunities to K-12 students in Harlem and surrounding communities, placing emphasis on providing our services to children of incarcerated parents.

Our after school program assists students with various academic needs while creating opportunities for social growth. Our students receive one-on-one tutoring from student volunteers enrolled at the Sophie Davis School at the City College of New York. We intentionally immerse our students in the collegiate setting to “normalize” their view of education as going beyond middle and high school. We believe these uncommon experiences expose our at-risk students to supportive higher-education environments while addressing educational inequities that exist and often pervade their educational experiences.

Our students attend after school programming for 35 weeks during the school year, including thirteen holidays, totaling 940 hours of after school programming per academic year. When resources allow, our summer program operates for five hours per day, three days a week, totaling 120 hours of programming over eight weeks.

We aim to encourage our students to persist in their academic ventures with grit and a passion to learn. We earnestly believe that more academic opportunities lead to more academic achievement, and more academic achievement means less prison.