Since inception in 2002, IAR is dedicated to providing tutoring, mentoring and workshop development to children and families of NYC, including children of incarcerated parents. Programs run between the hours of 2:30 pm to 6:00pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At IAR, we help foster the social and academic development of our children and youth participants.

To date, IAR has organically evolved into a premier service learning program with a unique Medicine — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”) component based our diverse location at CCNY. We have flagship access and resources of 7 surrounding engineering schools.  At IAR, we take great pride in our ability to increase engagement; interest and self-confidence in academics while sectioning participants off into smaller groups to instill concentration and classroom focus.

Our out-of-school time investments includes qualified staff and on-site faculty, coupled with screened volunteers that are increasingly charged with the safekeeping and academic enrichment of the children in their care. By infusing strong curriculum and laboratory access, the program can bypass constraints of the formal classroom structure by providing exciting, relevant learning activities and exciting hands-on experiences.

At IAR, we interact with young, diverse medical and STEM role models with high standards in knowledge and academic resource.

IAR year long after-school program is designed to promote social and emotional learning and cognitive development with participants. Our extended effort eliminates extra street time for youth to get into trouble and we increase study hours to further their understanding of various academic related school topics.

IAR also provides increased access to give participants specialized attention, when dealing with more difficult challenging academic topics.  We found sectioning the kids off in a number of smaller groups increases classroom attention and provides more focus on learning science and digesting the various level of STEM disciplines.


IAR runs for 35 weeks during the school year including 13 holidays totaling 940 hours of after-school programming. During the summer when resources allow IAR’s schedule entails 5 hours of daily programming 3 days a week, with a total of 120 hours of program over 8 weeks. We cover both literacy and enrichment criteria. Participants are well informed of the program schedule and have opportunities to make their own choices on some of the recreational activity and outings.

The program attracts volunteers who want to help but some can’t make a mentoring commitment, and children who don’t necessarily need a monitored relationship however do need help in school. With a blend of activities, our goal is to help them succeed academically while they navigate the challenges associated with poverty and/or being impacted by the justice system. At IAR, our participants are tutored and mentored by some of the smartest STEM students that NYC has to offer.

  For more information or to enroll a child in the program, please contact our main office at 212.650.5894 or email us at