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What We Do

In Arms Reach, Inc. (“IAR”) mission is breaking the cycle of inter-generational incarceration by promoting equity in economic, psychological and sociological contexts through education and youth development.

We provide academic leadership, one-on-one mentoring, college prep, social services and free visitation trips to reunite children when appropriate with their missing incarcerated parent(s).

We engage and motivate prison officials, elected representatives public / private organizations and communities to become our partners by realizing the impact that parental incarceration and involvement in the criminal justice system has on children.

We serviced over 1000 individuals, youth, their siblings, guardians, and other family members.

We aim to prepare each child for admission to college to increase their future life options. We intend to give imprisoned parents the strength to better themselves through our commitment to provide programs and services for their children.

IAR is uniquely located at The City College University of New York. The agency provides services to low-income disconnected youth, children and families of NYC impacted by parental incarceration.

IAR empowers at-risk youth and provides them with the opportunity to develop new skills and realize their full potential. We create an atmosphere that allows children and families to break their silence about having a loved one who is incarcerated. We increase government agencies and official’s interest in reducing barriers to serving children and families impacted by incarceration.

At IAR, we foster resources from computers to lawns, gyms to labs.

IAR serviced over 1000 individuals, youth, their siblings, guardians, and other family members. We provided more than 35,000 hours of after-school tutoring with state-of-the-art facilities, thousands of mentoring sessions, intensive college prep curriculum, social projects and recreational activities, and dozens of trips to upstate prisons so that children can maintain connections with their parents behind bars.

We help youth feel safe, inspired and our University location are free from the dangers of territorialism that exists between youths throughout urban neighbors.

At IAR, we instill resources from computers to lawns, gyms to labs, and otherwise soak children impacted by parental incarceration in the collegiate setting, “normalize” education beyond high school, and spark the imagination and conversations about their future.

We’ve found that our site and these benefits amplify Positive Youth Development.